Car Parking and Car Sharing (Glyntaff)

Students should consider alternative travel arrangements to driving wherever possible. We strongly encourage all students to use public transport or other sustainable modes of transport where possible.

Overview of car parking information

  1. On-Campus Parking
  2. Parking for students with disabilities
  3. Off-campus Parking
  4. Residential Parking Permits
  5. Shuttle Buses
  6. Car Sharing

On-Campus Parking

Student parking is only available at lower Glyntaff. There is no student car park at upper Glyntaff. For students with a disability, disabled spaces are available at both upper and lower Glyntaff. All student parking requires a student car parking permit (see below).

We would like to remind all students that the University cannot guarantee a parking space due to limited spaces being available.

Alternative travel is available for students who study in Glyntaff, with Treforest train station being just a 10 minute walk away.

Student Car Parking Permit

A new Automatic Number Plate Recognition Car Parking System is in operation in both the Glyntaff Upper and Lower car parks. You no longer need to pull a ticket or swipe your access cards to enter or exit these car parks.

For students wishing to purchase an annual parking permit please visit the Online Store and take your receipt to Security at Anzani House Lower Glyntaff. An annual permit costs £180. Students can also take out season tickets through the Glide app and pay for 1 month £15, 3 months £45, 6 months £90, 9 months £135 and 12 months £180 in advance. For further information contact Treforest Security Gatehouse on 01443 482055 or email Estates Security.

For those students who do not wish to purchase an annual permit, parking is still available in the car park. Daily users of the student and visitor car parks pay £1 for up to 5 hours parking and £2 for any period over 5 hours. Payment can be made at one of the pay stations in the car park via credit, debit or contactless card, by cash or via the new Glide App. Overnight parking is available at a cost of £50 per night.

Parking for students with disabilities

Disabled parking permits are issued free of charge to students who are in receipt of a blue badge (a copy of which must be provided) to enable them to park within the campus.

If you have a temporary disability then you may also apply for disabled on-campus parking. Supporting medical evidence must be provided with your application. Students may also be required to discuss their own individual circumstances with a Disability Advisor with each case being assessed on an individual basis.

If you are not in receipt of a blue badge, then supporting medical evidence will need to be provided with your Disabled Parking Permit Application and a fee will be charged for the permit which can be paid online. To apply for disabled parking please complete the Disabled parking permit application form and return it to Kelly Owen, Disability Service (Student Services).

Opening Hours

The Glyntaff car park is open 24 hours every day.


Motorbikes can park in the student car park at lower Glyntaff. There is no charge for parking a motorbike at Glyntaff.


Student safety is of paramount concern and all of our car parks are monitored 24 hours a day by campus security. For students who are concerned about their safety there is the ability to request an escort from both campuses to their cars. If you require a member of staff to escort you, please speak directly to a member of security staff on the Glyntaff campus and they will be happy to assist you.

Off-campus Parking

Parking is available in the public car park at the bottom of the Treforest Campus. Daily users of the student and visitor car parks pay £1 for up to 5 hours’ parking and £2 for any period over 5 hours. Overnight parking is available at a cost of £50 per night. For more information on driving to our campuses, please visit the University’s Glyntaff Location page.

The first few weeks of the academic year are especially busy, with a massive demand for the 2000 available car parking spaces for students and visitors. During term, all parking spaces can be taken by 8.45am, so students who drive often have to arrive on campus before 9am, even if their lectures don’t start until 10am or later. The increased traffic also puts pressure on the local road network, often causing long delays in excess of 30 minutes to get to the student car park. If you do need to drive there are alternative car parks in Pontypridd Town Centre.

Further parking can be found around Treforest. Websites such as Parkopedia and apps such as the ‘smart parking’ app are great ways of finding the locations and costs local car parks.

Alternative Parking around Treforest and Pontypridd areas.

Please be aware there are restrictions in some of these car parks. Treforest Station is park and ride only, and supermarket car parks are for customers only.

Parking spaces near University of South Wales

Residential Parking Permits

If you live in Treforest and park your car on the street outside your house, you may need a resident’s parking permit to do so. Parking in Treforest can be very difficult; with a high student population there are many households who have more than one car. It is therefore very important that you consider this carefully before deciding to bring your car with you to University.

Some residential streets do not allow on-street parking at all so check this out when you look at potential rental properties. Occasionally rented houses have off street parking spaces or garages (although these are not that common). If this is the case, check with the landlord whether the garage or parking space is for the use of the tenants in the property before you sign the contract (and also whether any other tenants intend to bring their cars).

To park in most streets in Treforest, a Resident Parking Permit is required. Any cars that do not display a valid permit and are parked there will be fined. Parking in a residents permit area without a valid permit can lead to a £70 fine.

Parking Enforcement in Local Council (RCT)
Students living near our Treforest campus should be aware that Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council is proactively managing civil enforcement of parking regulations. A “no leniency” policy is in effect, with frequent visits by traffic wardens to the Treforest area throughout term.
Penalties up to £70 can be applied. The cost can increase dramatically if the car is clamped or towed.

Residents Only Parking Permit Application Form

Note: Until your permit arrives you cannot park without risking a fine.

You can find information about Treforest Parking Permits on the Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council website.


YourParkingSpace are offering 10% discount to staff and students on any parking booked with them throughout the UK. Use the promotional code UNISOUTHWALES10.

Student Vehicle Registration Scheme

The University operates a service for students (living both on and off campus at any of our campuses) to register your car registration details in order to help the University contact you quickly regarding any issues that may arise with your car. More information can be found on Student Vehicle Registration Scheme.

For more information, please visit the Student Safety and Crime Prevention site.

Shuttle Buses

The University operates a shuttle bus service for the convenience of students. Shuttle buses circle between Treforest, Glyntaff and the USW Sport Park in Tyn-Y-Wern. For more information visit our Shuttle Buses page.

Car Sharing

The University strongly recommends that you consider alternative travel arrangements to driving wherever possible. There are good public transport links in and around Glyntaff. The university has negotiated some excellent discounts with our local public transport providers. For more information visit the Estates and Facilitates Travel page.

If you wish to car share, students are encouraged to arrange their own car shares as traffic and parking congestion are a regular issue at the University, especially around the start of term.

How do I arrange a car share to travel to and from University?

Advertise Yourself

Ask fellow students or post a request on the USW UniLife Marketplace (just click on 'add notice’ from the front page and follow instructions).

Search the internet for car sharing websites. Liftshare and Compare and Share are helpful websites to find and offer car sharing opportunities.


Work out what you’d normally spend on petrol (and tolls if applicable) getting to study, and divide that by the number of people in the car. Remember to include your own share of the costs.

Useful Information on Car Sharing

  • Car sharing does not invalidate your insurance, as long as you don’t charge your passengers more than the running costs of the journey. Please do check with your insurance company however for clarification.
  • You don’t have to take anyone who asks: if you’d only feel happy sharing with someone of the same sex, or someone you know, for example, just specify it in your advert.
  • You don’t need to have a car to car share. If you just need a lift, advertise the fact to drivers on Marketplace and offer to pay them for the petrol.
  • The University would benefit from student car sharing, the car-parks would have more space, the roads would be quieter, and as a result you may even get home quicker.